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InjeKtive are proud to present the following  events during Perth FRINGE WORLD festival 2019.

 Brewed Laughter: Beer tasting with a comedian!


Comedy + Craft Beer tasting = Good times!
Come join our comedian and beer-drinking expert as they take you on a delicious voyage of the frothy senses during Perth FRINGE WORLD festival 2019..
With a new comedian and different beers each show you’ll be sure to come back for round 2… or 3.
Includes five beer tastings!

Every Friday | Jan 18 – Feb 15 @ Creatures Next Door

Selected Saturday’s | Jan16 – Feb 16 @ The Lucky Shag

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Uncorked Comedy: Wine tasting with a comedian!


Uncorked Comedy pairs good laughs with delicious wine! Let our witty wine enthusiast take you on a voyage of the senses.

It promises to be complex and even a little fruity/spicy/on-the-nose.

Includes 5 tastings.

“Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine” – Joan Collins.

Selected Friday’s | Jan 18 – Feb15 @ The Lucky Shag

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